Payroll services in Finland

Our dedicated payroll services in Finland offer a comprehensive solution for businesses, ensuring precision, compliance, and peace of mind.

Why choose us?

  • Our knowledge of Finnish tax law is extensive. Finland's tax system is multifaceted, incorporating various types of taxes, including income tax, social security contributions, and other deductions. The payroll system must account for these intricacies accurately.

  • We understand the nuances of the Finnish payroll system, ensuring accurate and compliant payroll processing for your workforce. Finland has a comprehensive social security system, with contributions to pension, healthcare, and unemployment insurance. Ensuring accurate deductions and compliance with social security contributions is a vital part of payroll processing.

  • We ensure your business adheres to collective bargaining agreements, safeguarding against legal discrepancies and fostering a harmonious employer-employee relationship. Many industries in Finland operate under collective bargaining agreements, which can impact payroll practices. These agreements outline various terms related to wages, working conditions, and benefits that the payroll system must reflect accurately.

  • We provide timely and error-free payroll services, giving your company the dependable and consistent support it needs. Detailed salary reporting requirements exist in Finland. Employers are required to report employee wages to authorities, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial reporting.

  • Our knowledge of the law is accurate and up to date. Finnish payroll is subject to regular updates and changes in regulations. Staying updated with these changes is essential to maintain compliance.

  • With extensive knowledge of Estonian and Finnish payroll systems, we facilitate smooth payroll operations across both countries, ensuring compliance with local regulations. We manage payrolls for employees working in both countries, Estonia and Finland, ensuring a consistent, reliable, and compliant payroll experience.


For the good performance of businesses operating in Finland (whether it is their permanent or temporary location of operation), it is critical that payroll calculations take into consideration all of the rules arising from Finnish legislation. Feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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