Wisecounter Finland

Accounting, company formation and business advisory services for entrepreneurs doing business in Finland

About us

Wisecounter has been providing accounting, payroll, business and legal consulting services to enterprises internationally more than 16 years, of which more than 7 years in Finland.

Our primary focus in Finland, like in other countries where we operate, is to provide our customers with the greatest financial services to keep their finances in order and their businesses prospering.

We can help with both, the establishment of new enterprises in Finland and the operations of existing firms in the Finnish market, laying the basis for long-term success for each of our customers.

We operate simultaneously in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and Latvia. The capacity to supply all of our services separately in each of the markets as well as in combination is what distinguishes Wisecounter's services.

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Our services in Finland

We take care of your company's accounting, payroll and tax accounting issues, we help you obtain the permits and registrations necessary for operation, we also help you with establishing a company in Finland, also help to solve disputes etc.

Wisecounter's services include:

Team Wisecounter Finland

Within the Finnish business community, our team embodies a blend of expertise and adaptability. Our accountants are skilled and have a track record of successfully managing a variety of financial situations. We are well-versed in Finnish accounting standards, tax laws, and regulatory framework.

Although many Finns speak English, we understand that mastering the Finnish language and understanding the business culture is a prerequisite for providing the best service, as it helps to build trust and better relationships both in the business world and when communicating with government agencies. By operating locally in Finland, it is possible to understand the subtleties of the business environment as well as social norms.

Since Wisecounter's offices are located in Estonia, Sweden and Latvia in addition to Finland, we can offer integrated financial services and ensure the compliance of both accounting and all business documentation requirements in every jurisdiction where our clients operate.


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