Business consultation

We offer a range of services to address the unique challenges and opportunities in the business landscape of Finland.

Why choose us?

  • We are providing guidance on the most effective and strategic ways for businesses to enter the Finnish market. From company formation to daily operations, contracts, and regulatory compliance, our team provides comprehensive guidance to safeguard your business interests. Because of our experts' years long experience, we can guarantee that the business advice we provide is customised to the unique possibilities and problems your company may face.

  • Improve the efficiency of your finances with our finance experience, which includes budgeting, analysis, and strategy. To optimise financial performance and ensure long-term sustainability, we provide expertise in financial analysis, budgeting, and financial strategy formulation.

  • Take advantage of our strategic planning services, tailored to your business objectives and the unique challenges of the Finnish business environment. We are assisting businesses in defining and executing effective strategic plans, identifying growth opportunities, and navigating potential challenges. Allow our specialists to assist you in optimising your operations to achieve long-term commercial success by decreasing costs and increasing productivity.

  • To improve cooperation and expansion prospects, we support companies in forming strategic alliances, partnerships, and industry relationships. Establishing solid bonds, fostering trust, and working together are highly valued in Finnish corporate culture. In commercial partnerships, exhibiting "sisu" can be well welcomed, and sustainable practises are valued highly.


Our business consultants in Finland are specialised to provide tailored advice and support to businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of the local and global business environment. Please contact us for a consultation.

Contact us

  • Write us about your wishes or the problem you are looking for a solution to.
  • In most cases, our consultant will contact you to ask some clarifying questions or invite you to a meeting.
  • After receiving the necessary information, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you, which we will send by e-mail.