Combined accounting and consultation services for  companies operating in Finland, Sweden,
Estonia and Latvia

If our clients succeed, we consider our job well done

Wisecounter has been providing reliable accounting and consulting services to enterprises for more than 16 years. Our Estonian office was opened in 2007, since 2016 we have been operating in Finland, since 2017 in Sweden and since 2019 in Latvia.

Our focus is to offer to our customers the best finance and business services.

We grasp the big picture and understand the subtleties necessary for successful business operations in Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia.

Therefore we can help both when starting a business and support the activities of already operating companies and create the prerequisites for sustainable growth to all our clients regardless of their business size.

Our ability to provide combined services sets us apart

Our ability to provide all of the services stated below both separately in each of the markets as well as in combination, is a unique characteristic of the services we provide. We operate simultaneously in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia. Our combined service may be helpful, for instance, if an Estonian entrepreneur wishes to begin providing a service in Finland, Sweden, or Latvia, as well as in the inverse circumstance, i.e., if a Swedish, Finnish, or Latvian entrepreneur desires to provide services or sell goods in Estonia, as well as all other combinations, which include the aforementioned countries.

With the combined accounting service, you can be sure that your accounting is in order and in compliance in all of the jurisdictions where you conduct business: taxes have been calculated and paid, reports have been filed, and operating licences are on hand. Although Estonia, Sweden, Finland, and Latvia are members of the European Union and have similar framework laws, it should be kept in mind that the normative acts regulating business activities in all countries differ to a certain extent, resulting in different tax obligations, licence requirements, and registry requirements.

Our services are also appropriate for foreign-born business owners who desire to operate in the aforementioned markets, namely Estonia, Latvia, Finland, or Sweden.

Our services in Finland

We take care of your company's accounting, payroll and tax accounting issues, we help you obtain the permits and registrations necessary for operation, we also help you with establishing a company in Finland, also help to solve disputes etc.

Wisecounter's services include:

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