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How to Start a Business in Finland I – Business Entity Form

Several of our clients have approached Wisecounter with the desire to start a business in Finland. Often, by that time, they have already signed their first contracts, goods are en [...]

How to Start a Business in Finland II – Permanent Establishment

Wishing to start a business in Finland, it is beneficial and even necessary to understand the main tax obligations. While the principles of value-added taxation are quite similar in both [...]

How to Start a Business in Finland III – Income and Value Added Tax

Wanting to start a business in Finland requires a detailed understanding of the tax obligations associated with entrepreneurship. While the previous articles in the series 'How to Start a Business [...]

Risks of using the registration rental services

Registration in the value added tax register and other registers is a prerequisite for operating in the construction sector in Sweden and Finland. This does not come as a surprise [...]

Opportunities and Challenges in Starting a Business in Finland

In recent years, we have repeatedly encountered situations that have led foreign companies operating abroad to face liquidity crises. In the worst-case scenario, they may be forced to cease their [...]


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